Lens Cleaning Towelette

  • 100 Individually packaged lens cleaning towelettes
  • 100 PACK: Our lens cleaning towelettes come in a economically reasonable pack of 100 towelettes. Whether you lose a few, or keep them in different locations like a purse or wallet, you’ll have more than enough towelettes for any situation.
  • NO STREAKS: Unlike other cleaning towels and fabrics, our towelettes don’t leave streaks across lenses or electronic screens. There’s no need for extra, tedious streak removal. One wipe and you’re done!
  • MULTIPURPOSE: These cleaning towelettes can be used on lenses and electronic screens alike, with no risk of damage from using the wrong kind of cleaning solution.
  • LARGE SIZE: Our lens cleaning towelettes come in a versatile 8” x 5” size, making them perfect for glasses and electronic screens alike. Their size even allows them to be effective on television sets or computer monitors.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes 100 individually packaged lens cleaning towelettes.
  • Includes 100 Towelettes
  • Convenient dispenser
  • Individually packaged
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